Deep Seeded

“Deep Seeded” is a long term project that investigates the complex journey of self-hood and womanhood, particularly my own, by looking at the past history of elders in my family and finding commonalities with my own journey. Part of this journey deals with the erasure of place, person and history while venerating the inherited strengths, traits and even distress passed down through generations. For what happens when there are no more elders left? How does one obtain her history? How does one fill in the gaps? How did my elders find their place in a society that barely recognized their visibility? Yet, there is a deep-seated, visceral connection between those who’ve come before me, the geographic places they have journeyed and the path I forge.

The project consists of three parts: “Existential Monochromes”, “Where You Were” and “Traces”. The three parts encompass three separate pairings using archival photographs and monochrome paintings; moving portraiture and video landscapes; and writings and objects.


Existential Monochromes

Where You Were


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